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October 27, 2011

SegPay Expands Webmaster Offering with White Label Cam Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — There's no reason for webmasters struggling to increase their profits and membership retention to wave the white flag when SegPay can help them with its white label cam platform solution.

A leading Internet payment service provider, SegPay has fully tested and integrated's white label cam platform solution and now offers the stand-alone custom site in order to provide access to the ever-growing adult cam source.

The Streamate white label solution presents an ideal money-making opportunity for adult webmasters looking to expand into the highly competitive adult cam market. This one-click up-sell solution is easy to implement, only taking one day to complete. In addition, it allows for an effective marketing tool to capture and retain more members.

"By implementing Streamate's white label solution, SegPay clients can dramatically increase sales with the one-click system," said Cathy Beardsley, president & CEO of SegPay. "As we all know, the adult market is continuously evolving and growing. By incorporating this solution with our other offerings, we are providing our clients greater opportunities for increased profits and greater membership retention."

Special revenue share discounts will be available to clients with a 30 percent lifetime share on all activity created by cam sign-ups. SegPay clients are encouraged to produce higher volume which will in-turn have the potential to generate higher revenue sharing profits. All payouts are handled directly by Streamate with a simple 21-day delay of payment.

More benefits offered with the implementation of the new cam solution include:

  • Built-in campaign tracking support, that will create additional revenue sources and increase affiliate traffic
  • Increased sales for SegPay members using the recurring one-click system
  • Interactive portion of the SegPay membership area that will encourage consumers to return

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